Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why does child labour happen?

I know in the past tew weeks, I have givven you lots of new facts on child labour, but some of you are probably wondering why does child labour happen? Child Labour occurs when families do not have enough money, so they sell tere children to factories for money. Other falilies believe that it would be best for there children to grow up working and learning to provide for families. I personally think that it is child neglect and abuse when you make your child go and work in a factory. Parents are irresposible if they do this and they should feel bad about it, knowing that there kid can pessibly be killed, beaten, starved, and so many more crule and harse things.
Some of the companies that buy children from other people are just getting power hungry. This is probably because there business is doing very well, so they need to have more workers to produce more of there products.

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